Monday, January 28, 2013

This year’s resolution, be more active

I love cooking and eating.  It is hard to resist cooking tasty food and I eat it a lot. Recently I felt food I consumed stay in my body for a long time. My stomach was still full when it is the meal time.  My body is very energy efficient.  While we like to have an energy efficient car, we don’t want to have energy efficient body.  I felt heavy and get tired easily.
I decided to start exercising more on October. I live in Seattle and it often rainy fall through spring. I found a perfect video on YouTube., “Exercise TV/Start Walking at home with Leslie Sansons”( Video above and also website: 
When I went to 3 miles hike with my husband yesterday, it made difference. It was hard walking up and down the hills before, at this time I walked fast and I was not tired.
I prefer this program to walking outside. The walk with the video is easy and low impact. I move side to side, front to back, and arms up and down. Many muscle of body gets movement. My long time knee pain is gone a while ago.
I like to lose weight to be better shape while I lost 5 pounds since I started. My goal is to be healthy without cutting food intake. ( I know I should eat less) It means more physical activities.   With YouTube, I have no excuse not having time. If I have less than 30 minutes, I walk 1 mile. If I have one hour, I walk 3 miles. I also find Zumba  and stretching videos. Internet and YouTube are great and allow us to do many things without leaving home. Only caution of exercising alone is not to over-exercise.
Lastly I told my son that I like to lose some weight this year. He replied that it may affect my occupation of a cooking instructor. He means that good cooks who make delicious meals are generally overweight. 

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