Sunday, December 30, 2012

Solstice, winter, and warm bath

I was invited to a party to celebrate Solstice, Christmas, Hanukkah, and all festival of Light. At the party, the host held the ceremony of light.  She talked about festival of light from European country and Africa. The couple of participants read poems. All of us were told to turn off all lights in the house. In dark house, we listened to her quiet speech and appreciated our civilized life. After Yole log was lit in fire place then menorah candle was lit, we turned on all light in the house. Then party ended with eating roasted turkey and delicious food brought by participants.

By the way, Japanese people believe cold winter starts around Solstice. People eat Kabocha and take bath with Yuzu which is Japanese citrus fruit ( Kabocha add vitamins to their diet( Citrus bath keeps body warm. It's interesting to learn seasonal traditional customs is proven to be good and healthy.
Living In Seattle, I bake and eat kabocha pumpkin bread. I remember that when I was chiled in Japan, my family took bath with Mikan (Satsuma orange) peel. It smelled nice. I will try it soon.

In case that you like to try it. Here is how my mother prepared winter bath:
Keep orange peel after you eat fruit.
Dry it couple of days (I am not sure this is necessary, but it may be induce fragrance.)
In Cheese cloth, put the dried orange peel and tie knot.
Drop the orange bag and fill bath tab with warm water.
Enjoy it.

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