Sunday, April 27, 2014

Have you been denied being served alcohol even if you are not drunk?

I have never had experience of being denied being served alcohol before. My husband and I went to this home brewery and restaurant bar several times before. The beer was great and bartender was ok.
At this time, things were different.  We ordered our beer.  Another employee talked to the bartender. Then the bartender told us that my husband was too drunk and he cannot serve us alcohol.  I was shocked and told my husband that we will not spend any time or money at this rude place.
Here is what my husband wrote his review of the bar:

The place has an extreme issue of bad signage.  The signs on the bar entrance state "use the other door at the restaurant", but after the restaurant is closed the only way into the bar is to ignore the signs on the door.  They need to remove the signs on the door when the restaurant is closed.   

I was confused by the signs, and went to the closed restaurant from the bar, and the manager told me I should not be there, and let me out the restaurant door, and he said he would turn the sign around. When I came back in the bar door, I tried to turn the sign around and it came off the door.   When I was refused service at the bar because the sign was "Part of the Establishment", I decided that  I would never attempt to enter the bar or the  restaurant  ever again, and I will never buy their beer again, nor would I recommend it to anyone again. If for some reason they corrected their signage on the bar door, and gave me an apology, I may change my mind.‘
This is very unusual and upsetting experience for me..