Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sustainable Seattle tour

I organized a custom tour in Seattle for Yukie who is from Eco Conscious Japan. She writes blogs and gives lecture about sustainability. She asked me to plan the tour of sustainable places in Seattle. Fortunately my husband, Daniel , is a real-estate broker and took LEED class. LEED is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. He suggested to take her Seattle city hall, Olive8, and a house which is advertised as the greenest house in Seattle.
Instead of my describing about buildings, here are pointer to websites regarding to each building and places.
Seattle City Hall (The city hall design described in website of Bohlin Cywinski Jackson) (Quest of the city hall)
Seattle downtown library which is not sustainable but is very interesting design:
Freeway Park (This site shows nice photos.)
Olive 8 (visitor of Olive8 )
City cabin built by Green builder Martha Rose (Cabin website) (Martha Rose website) Broker Adrian Willanger’s blog) Builder Martha Rose’s daily news site
In addition to these buildings, I took Yukie to my neighborhood gardens, Bradner Garden which is organic demonstration garden and Childrens play garden which is created for children with all abilities .
Bradner Garden Information
Seattle children’s play garden
By organizing and accompanying Yukie to this tour, I learned a bit about what make garden and house sustainable.

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