Sunday, October 19, 2008

Daniel recommends you to attend these four one act plays.

Daniel wrote :
I went with Fumiko this Sunday to see Act One, Six Sundays, put on the by Theatre 9/12. These are four original one act plays which are interesting and thought provoking. Our set of plays started off with, Canyon's Edge, which is played in part by my favorite Actress Kate Szyperski, who plays the role Kathy. If you have not ever seen Kate cry, this is the time to see a convincing

expression of emotion. You just want to ask her what is wrong, and as I was sitting in the second row, I felt bad that she was crying and I was not doing anything to help. In watching the play I saw the actors, but not all the actors were being seen on stage. I saw the pieces but failed to put them together correctly. Fumiko explained it to me afterwards. I am curious to know what you think? The next play was "Duty, Honor, and Profit". This play contains the most actors of all the plays and spread out over multiple years. By investigating the "unnatural" death of his college friend, the play investigates if "Honor" of a solider is being lost in Iraq. After a short intermission in the very nice ACT Theater building, in which the performance was being held in one of the side rooms, PC Panic took Place. The audience was transformed into an active participant, in the play. No one in our group took up the bait, but I wonder if other audiences become more participatory then ours? This play takes place in a Post Office, in Southern California. The title is "PC Panic." From the title I thought it had something to do with Personal Computers, but the meaning is the other "PC". This entertaining play, demonstrates that there are different ways in dealing with Political Correct issues. Direct Confrontation, or call it something else, and everyone some will believe. The final play, of the afternoon was "Ibsen's Note", as the title suggests, this is not a comedy. The three actors discuss issues about "love", and how it weighs on life and death decisions. Do you think that the quality of love you have prepares you to make life and death decisions about the ones you love? I recommend that you see these plays while they are showing, and I recommend that you call ahead and make reservations, as this week's afternoon showing had only two vacant seats.

Fumiko Wrote:

I loved the play. I asked Daniel write about it. I took some photos to share. If you want to see Kate in her play, you have to go and see it.

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