Monday, July 21, 2008

Back to Japan 1 : Sizes

Photo on the right is my husband standing by the door in the train. His head is higher than the top of the door of the train.

I came back to Japan to stay with my parents and attend my sister’s wedding ceremony. I decided to write about Japan. When I arrived to Tokyo Narita Airport with other Japanese, I always realized that I grew much larger than other Japanese people. I was bit tall but my weight was average as Japanese woman before going to Seattle. However, now I am big around stomach and heavy. I went to store to buy my clothes near my parent's house and found that my size was in the large size section. When I went to Costco to buy my pants in Seattle, I bought the size which was somehow smaller size than several years ago. I don't think I lost weight. American sizes seems to get bigger. In US, I don’t have to go big size section and my size used to be large but now is medium. Japanese people are still smaller than American although the large sizes can be found in the store.
I realized that if I live in Japan, I will walk to train station and everywhere without my car and eat mostly Japanese food. It will make me loose some pounds.

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